Scholarship programs

DAAD provides various scholarship programs to students and applicants:

  • for capable students from Kyrgyzstan a tuition scholarship is provided. In addition, students from the regions may receive a monthly stipend for living in Bishkek up to 110 euros;

  • students from neighboring countries, at the moment mainly from Tajikistan, can get the same indicated above scholarships for studying at KGFAI. In addition, a payment for both directions to home country is provided;

  • after the third year, students of Bachelor of Computer Sciences can participate in the selection for the one-year training in Zwickau. Only 20% of the best students can get a scholarship of DAAD. Besides, financing from the German economy is attracted, in particular from the German IT companies;

  • students graduated from the KGFAI in Bishkek, have an excellent chance to get a DAAD scholarship for master studies in Germany.

  • other scholarships are provided by European Union and local IT companies.

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