DAAD provides various scholarship programs to students and applicants:

  • for capable students from Kyrgyzstan a tuition scholarship is provided. In addition, students from the regions may receive a monthly stipend for living in Bishkek up to 110 euros;

  • students from neighboring countries, at the moment mainly from Tajikistan, can get the same indicated above scholarships for studying at KGFAI. In addition, a payment for both directions to home country is provided;

  • after the third year, students of Bachelor of Computer Sciences can participate in the selection for the one-year training in Zwickau. Only 20% of the best students can get a scholarship of DAAD. Besides, financing from the German economy is attracted, in particular from the German IT companies;

  • students graduated from the KGFAI in Bishkek, have an excellent chance to get a DAAD scholarship for master studies in Germany.

Every year, 20% of enrolled students receive scholarships from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The scholarship covers tuition fees. Students from regions, receive an additional monthly stipend in the amount of 110 euros, which will cover living expenses. Selection of fellows is based on further examination, to be held the day after the entrance examination of KSUCTA.

In qualifying DAAD-testing 25% of the points is given for ORT, 60% for mathematical and logical test, 15% is for English and/or German languages. The test questions for the selection of fellows in Bishkek as follow:

  • The collection of mathematical tasks

  • Flowcharts

  • Numeric series

  • numerical matrix

  • Literal number

  • Letter group

  • Sorting

  • Motivation letter in English either in German

Examples are available here ( PDF)

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