Study in KGFAI

Kyrgyz-German Faculty of Informatics was established in 2004. Since 2015, it is known as the Kyrgyz-German Faculty of Applied Sciences (KGFAI) and is the result, the basis of cooperation between the West Saxon University of Applied Sciences Zwickau (WHZ), Germany and the Kyrgyz State University of Construction, Transport and Architecture (KSUCTA).

In 2008, with financial support of the DAAD the curriculum of the Bachelor of Computer Science of WHZ was implemented in KGFAI. It is planned to expand the profile base of the curriculum and include such areas as “Medical Informatics”, “Online Commerce”, “Web programming”.


  • Introducing new consecutive Master's programs based on existing and new Bachelor courses;

  • MBA in Web Economics.

Interdisciplinary development of Web business systems with a focus on informatics-related topics including economics, design, and other aspects;

  • Development of a postgraduate Master program in Medical Informatics:

  • advanced training for medical doctors;

  • planning, specification and application of hospital information systems;

  • epidemiology and biometrics.


  • KGFAI trained 44 Bachelors of Computer Science in Bishkek

  • At the moment, 107 students are studying at the KGFAI

  • 35 students receive DAAD scholarships

  • 3 students receive scholarships of German IT companies

  • 10 students are enrolled in the WHZ, Germany for the Bachelor of Computer Science

  • 11 students received Bachelor's degree in Computer Science at WHZ, Germany

  • 9 students received Master's degree at WHZ, Germany

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