Business plan development workshop

13-15 May, 2015, KSUCTA, Bishkek

Business plan development workshop initiated by KGFAI held from 13th to 15th May, 2015 in KSUCTA with participation of students from universities as NSU, KNAU, KSTU, ISU and KSUCTA.
After registering and getting to know each other, the participants shared their expectations from the workshop, after which they were familiarized with the basic terms and definitions of the business plan.

As a result of familiarization with the theme "Finding ideas and relevance of the project" the students tried to analyse their business ideas on their own with new acquired techniques as brainstorming, mental map, and a future workshop.

Next, for the participants were presented topics "Defining objectives and target audience" and "The structure of the business plan", which provided information about using SMART, SWOT analysis. After that participants had a chance to explore the concept of marketing and the marketing plan, where were presented such instruments as 4P and P&L.

Using SWOT analysis, students learned how quickly and effectively analyze their business ideas, and learned bases of Time-managment, which helped them to use their time properly. Then students had the opportunity to study the production plan and juristical forms in Kyrgyzstan. During the workshop, participants had a thoroughly discussion, which helped them to learn more and remember better.

The next day of the seminar began with a recap of all the studied material, namely some of the terms of business, the speciality and some rules that exist in this area, various techniques and their authors. Then they'd considerd the financial plan and its main sections. The concept of fundraising and terms such as patronage, patron of the arts, leasing, credit, etc. were explained in details. They also discussed topics such as the difference between the private and individual enterprise.

Students participated in an "Image theater". They were divided into four groups and were represented by four situations depicting the problems of youth, gender equality, and the situation which are related to business. Participants were interested in it and took an active part.

After a short-game practice, each group consisting of four people developed their own business idea.
The first group made a proposal to develop an application «Bish Trans GPS». According to the group, the application helps users save time when moving around Bishkek, will keep a record of residents of the city and will ensure the safety of the population.

The second group proposed to organize a greenhouse in Naryn, in the winter to be able to provide residents with fresh vegetables. Were taken into account all the necessary resources for the construction, also listed the pros and cons.

A third team presented business idea «Activ Comp». The group suggested that it would be a company that provides computer services to make the sale of computer equipment and provide free courses on computer knowledge for residents of Karakol.

Upon the closure of the presentations made by group work, trainer of seminar expressed the pros and cons of the developed business ideas, and also made recommendations on improvement the writting of the business ideas.

The third and final day began with a repetition of the material. Next, the coach announced the upcoming contest "The best business idea", the rules and terms of the preparation of business plans. As a result, four groups were formed among the participants, consisting of students from different disciplines, which will apply an interdisciplinary approach. Their main task was to develop a real business plan and present it in July of this year, to potential investors.

The workshop was appreciated by participants very positive, as they expressed their willingness to participate in similar events in the future and wish that it was organized on a regular basis. Workshop was closed by issuing the certificates of participation and with group photo session.

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