Scrum workshop
27-29 September, 2015

From 27th to 29th of September, 2015 the Kyrgyz-German Faculty of Applied Informatics, KSUCTA has organized a Scrum workshop for its students. The main purpose was to teach students to work in team with flexible possibilities.

The trainer was an experienced Scrum coach Mr. Sven Koble. He had an experience not only as a coach but he is also very experienced entrepreneur.

The working language of the workshop was German since students study at the German faculty. However it was not big issue for those who did not speak German because there was Aidai Rusalieva (student of KGFAI) who had tremendous experience in German-Russian translation.

During these three days participants perfectly mastered to work in team and listen to each other. They also started to support new ideas in team rather than deny them. Students realized the importance of Scrum in real projects.

In fact Scrum is used almost everywhere no matter is it web development, football or building a bridge, town, city or an empire or anything that involves teamwork. Using Scrum in projects guarantees stability and allows people be flexible for changes and be more efficient.

The Scrum workshop was amazing. It helped students not only to learn new things but also find new friends and just have a good time. Thanks for organizers and personally Sven Koble and Aidai Rusalieva for translation.

by Sultanmyrza Kasymbekov
student of IG-1-14

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