Summer School within the project “Development of training materials for the subjects of mathematics, science, technology and the natural sciences”

In the frame of the module “PTI857 project Drone” a summer school was held in Irdyk village, Issyk-Kul region. 6 students participated from KSUCTA, 2 from Kazakh-German University and 6 students from the West Saxon University of Zwickau.

The project led by Professor Frank Grimm, West Saxon University. The summer school lasted from July 27 till August 7, the aim of which was to develop software to manage the unmanned Drone aircraft, improvement of professional knowledge in the field of programming as well as the German language skills and experiences exchange between students.


Students worked in two groups: the first team worked with GPS- navigation device, and the second team worked on the measurement of areas with the help of image recognition, thus, the students were able to test on the territory of school.

At the end of summer school, the participants have achieved great success - they were able to develop a program allowing manual control of the Drones flight, as well as they programmed in the way that the machine was able to fly to the specified point.

During the summer school students used a free centralized management system as SVN, where the project kept, and the program was developed on JAVA. For general convenience a closed group on Google+ was opened where students could ask questions regarding the project or download resources.

It should be noted that the students not only programmed, but also had a rest. All participants visited several times the shore of Issyk-Kul lake, gathered in the evenings and played different games and staged a walk around the city.

Aiza Egembaeva,

Student of WHZ, Germany


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