Fair of career and contacts 2015
16.10.15, Bishkek

On October 14, 2015 at the National Library of the Kyrgyz Republic an annual “Fair of career and contacts” was organized by KGFAI, KSUCTA. The aim of this fair was to create a platform for the meeting of employers and young professionals - students, trainees and graduates, as well as establishing business and partnership contacts between educational institutions, enterprises and companies from different spheres.

A unique opportunity for employers, young professionals and students was provided during the fair to meet and communicate with potential partners, customers and consumers. For the participants of the fair the following advantages were provided:
• presentations of the companies;
• information exchange with specialists;
• creation of a personnel reserve of young specialists;
• positioning of the company in front of young professionals as a prestigious employer.

In addition, students, graduates and all visitors of the “Fair of career and contacts” were able to:
• get information about the labor market and the establishment of career development;
• meet and communicate directly with potential employers;
• be able to find companies for practice and internships;
• register for free on the interns database of Kyrgyzstan;
• take part in the presentation of the company and ask questions.

More than fifteen companies have attended the “Fair of career and contacts”. They are: “PA AgroLead”, “Trade House ”Narodnyi”, “Kyrgyz Concept LLC”, “Forester LLC”, “KICB”, “CBT LLC”, “Svetofor KG”, “Nuristan LLC ( Bon Appetite)”, “Alfa Telecom LLC”, “Redem Group LLC”, “Softech LLC”, “Namba Media”, “Smart technology LLC”, “Information Technologies Center” etc.

Moreover, partner universities (KSUCTA, KNAU, ISU, NSU) in the framework of the project “Practice-oriented education in Kyrgyzstan / Georgia” took an active participation and have made a presentation about the graduates and education directions for the companies attended the fair.

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