The study of web texts.

What does contain good and exciting web texts? And actually, what's the difference between a web text and a newspaper article? Teachers and students of KSUCTA and some other universities tried to find out certain issues together with trainer Sebastian Muckelbauer.

First of all, the difference between the texts on the Internet and the newspapers is that the Internet - user, essentially, looks for a more correct and current information. Thus, well-designed web text quickly and easily answers all the questions that arise from the visitor of a site. Otherwise, if the visitor does not find relevant information, often closes the page. A web specialist, in his turn always in a continuous struggle with numerous sites that alienates just one click on the World Wide Web.

In early October, teachers and students attended the workshop in the framework of the German Academic Exchange Service project “Practice - oriented education in Kyrgyzstan and Georgia”. Using participatory methods, they learned to make out the original text of the web with the right content and to find a suitable title or any significant role may have a minor (additional) information site.

The workshop was conducted by specially arrived from Germany a teacher and a specialist Sebastian Muckelbauer. The working language of the workshop was German.

At the end of the course, each participant with the help of accumulated knowledge was able to write their own web text, which was evaluated by other contributors. Thus, not a professor with a book decides how good or bad the text, but Internet - user, using a computer mouse.




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