Workshop on establishment of an entrepreneurship center

On 12-13 October, 2015 a workshop on establishing an entrepreneurship center for the workers of the career center and lecturers of economics was held at KSUCTA.

Marc Banaszak, owner of a German company "Prognortis Technologies GmbH", Munchen, Germany acted as a trainer.

Main workshop outlines were following:  
1.  Establishing an entrepreneurship center – lessons learned @SAXEED 2006–2015
2.  Strategic positioning and organization  
1.  Institutional goals, benefits and customer focus  
2.  Stakeholders and partners  
3.  Organizatinal structure and financing
3.  Operating an entrepreneurship center  
1.  Defining operational tasks of the center  
2.  Customer acquisiton – marketing and scouting  

3.  Building a curriculum    
4.  Coaching  
5.  Networking and further support  

It has to be noted the workshop was conducted in regional partner-universities as ISU and NSU as well.

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